I don’t know much about marriage

A few might wonder why I am not using a back track

But let’s track back to the earliest examples of love

Starting with Adam and Eve

Eve was created from Adam’s rib

Meaning that wherever she went, he would always be a part of her and never apart from her

For you are bone of his bone

Flesh of his flesh

You two are now one being

You were two bodies that used to dance and mingle

And through this marriage, you have become one flesh, so you will always be single

“Because what Christ has put together, let not man put asunder.”

See , I don’t know much about marriage but I do know that unity is important


Now let’s move onto Jacob and Rachel

Jacob loved Rachel

He wanted to marry her, not just date her

But under one condition; that for seven years he had to be her dad’s laborer

After seven years, Rachel’s father tricked him into marrying his other daughter, Leah

And only after another seven years would he be able to marry Rachel

So he labored for seven more years

Those seven years felt like months turned to weeks turned to days turned to hours turned to minutes turned to seconds turned to… Okay maybe I’m taking it too far

But that time passed by so quickly for him, for love in its purest form can stand the test of time

See, I don’t know much about marriage, but the love that it requires is persistent


Let’s take a look at Abraham and Sarah

Sarah was a submissive wife

She was intelligent and a capable woman who understood her purpose in life

She made it her mission to assist her husband in fulfilling his task

That was God’s will and not her own

And her submission helped Abraham complete his mission

Abraham moved from place to place

Equipped with love and faith

Yet there were times where off the straight and narrow path they strayed

Abraham barely asked Sarah for advice

And Sarah chose to obey Abraham, where the will of God was compromised

See, I don’t know much about marriage but I do know it needs eternal faith

What about Isaac and Rebecca

For when she had to leave with Isaac

She didn’t simply say that she had to leave her parents but that she had to leave at once

See, I don’t know much about marriage but I do know that it must be certain


That the law has made marriage a breakable contract but nothing compares to the law of the Lord

And once again, “What God has put together , let not man put asunder.”

That love that marriage needs should make you want to bow down before God each day, thanking Him for blessing you with someone amazing

A love that makes you want to pinch yourself daily for you are in disbelief that God was mindful enough to bless you with each other

It should be as certain as one plus one is two

A love that is balanced between friends and family and is based on God

A love that makes you want to fall in love with the same person daily

A love that is like reading your favourite book over and over again

For you know you won’t grow tired of it

A love that is pure and unaltered

A love that will make angels dance around God’s throne

A love that matures and grows like fine wine

And reaches heights higher than Mount Everest

A love that is as deep as the Grand Canyon

A love that can withstand the drought in the Sahara Dessert

Or the harsh waves of the sea

A love that survives hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes, tornadoes and monsoons

For pure love can overcome anything

A love that is not bound by earthly things

A love that’s worth the hurt and sadness that might occasionally come with it

A love that doesn’t give up when arguments arise, one that is understanding and patient

One that is pure , true, right , just and infinite

But as I said, I don’t know much about marriage.

Images taken by Charissa Cassels of Roy and Nedia Cassels


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