Born a Crime

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. Spiegel and Grau .2016.

This was an unexpectedly interesting read. I expected it to be filled with humour but not with so much context. I never realised what a great writer Trevor Noah is but also how he is able to combine humour with his writing. Although he is a Comedian, it was refreshing to read something so serious while still being able to laugh.

It occurred to me that despite the book focusing on his relationship with his mother, Noah was able to draw on historical occurrences in South Africa. His combination of humour and historical accounts was riveting and is something that I believe teachers should consider while teaching history. It is important to receive different accounts of our history and to understand different perspectives of the affected people.

I did not read this book in one sitting mainly because I just did not want it to end. It is one of those reads that are timeless because of the way it has been written. I look forward to reading any of the other books Noah will write where I can learn more about his life through such a telling manner.

Feature image sourced by Daily Mail of his mother Patricia Noah and Trevor Noah


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