You made me want to look at the stars again

You have  made me appreciate the little things in life

Like how just one glimpse of you can feed my hungry soul.

Like how I am thankful that my metacarpals and phalanges are able to send you messages

Like how IT geeks have invented emoji’s for the moments you leave me speechless

Like how my eyes are able to gaze at  your presence

I thank you for making me realize I am still alive

Otherwise I wouldn’t gasp for air when you take my breath away

Or that you wouldn’t give me premature ventricular reactions

Or how I would feel all my blood rushing to my cheeks and leaving my knees

Or even how my stomach has this funny feeling when you’re around

How it feels like my feet never really touch the ground

It’s these moments that make me want to look at the stars again

I will try my best not to sound cliche

But I dream of days when I am able to see my reflection in your pupils

When I can hear how in sync our hearts beat

When you’re able to see my hair follicles

When the only thing standing between us is the air

Feature image taken by Charissa Cassels



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