It is comforting to know that I am not alone

I was never fond of animation movies but there is one movie in particular that I watch whenever I’m at home. It’s weird because I could easily watch it while I’m at university, but it’s something about watching it at home that makes it more impactful. I have not tried figuring out why this is so. I had heard of the movie but only until my nephew begged me to watch it with him, did I start linking it with the uncertainty I’m currently encountering and have been encountering for a while now. I’ve watched the movie more times then I’d like to admit, but each time, I’ve received a different, more satisfactory feeling from it. A feeling of not being alone, of being part of a social network and accepting the stage I am at in my life. I finally understood that we are all socially interlinked whether we want to admit it or not.

You’re probably wondering what animated movie could make me this analytical, especially if it was recommended by a 10 year old. The BEE movie, don’t worry, you’ve read correctly and I’m hoping that’s not judgement that I’m sensing. A movie about bees both emphasized the uncertainty I have as well as comforted me at the same time. What a confusing sentence, right? Bear with me as it took me a while to grasp.

I am in my Third year of Studies and should only receive my degree in 2019. I have been faced numerous times with people asking when I will be graduating, to which I normally respond, “I don’t know either.” This is the only answer I can give because it’s the truth. But in the movie, the bees attend grade school for three days, high schools for three days and college for three days and then they graduate. This isn’t the part I can relate to because attending school and university has felt like a lifetime. Their graduation ceremony consists only of an introduction where Dean Bugswell says, “Welcome new Hive city graduating class of 09:15. Uh uhm, aand that concludes our graduation ceremony.” This is also another part I can’t relate to because our ceremonies are quite lengthy and understandably so. I can’t imagine studying for an average of three years and only being acknowledged for all the struggles I encountered in one sentence. Thereafter the Dean says “And begins your career at Honex industries.” This is the part I am most envious of. How comforting it would be to know that I have a secured job after I graduate. It feels like a distant dream with the rise of the unemployment rate in the country, it is daunting that many graduates are unemployed. It is disconcerting that little to no efforts are being made to alleviate this problem. Even more disheartening is the fact that the economy does not seem to be improving either. It feels like the system has been designed to ensure that people fail and I don’t want to be a victim of the system.

We have graduates who can’t get jobs for the careers they studied for. We have graduates that are of course educated yet cannot use that education to their advantage. My mind shudders to think about the amount of finances, resources, time and struggles that contribute to receiving a degree that doesn’t even guarantee you employment. This points to the fundamental flaws in our education system. University is constantly promoted as the only way to be successful, completely ignoring the other, more practical avenues learners can venture into that could guarantee them jobs. Another flaw is that certain degrees are promoted above others. Degrees are romanticised. A solution to the above is to evaluate what sectors in the country need employees and to promote those jobs as early as when learners make their subject choices in Grade 9. The promotion of these available jobs should be publicised as a means to create awareness as to where people are needed in the country. We need to conscientize learners about the various requirements they will need in order to qualify for various employment opportunities.

I am faced with that uncertainty. I know there are enough journalists in the country but in my third year of studying, it’s too late to change my course of studies, I don’t have that privilege. I am left with nothing but hope. Hope that somebody will see potential in me. Hope that all my hard work has not been in vain. Hope that everyone who has assisted me through this journey will see why they did so. Hope, that even despite the unemployment rate, the economy and my degree choice, that I will not become another statistic. Hope that my story will be different. The ending does not have to be happy but I need it to be hopeful.