Will Countries become more democratic?

Will Countries become more democratic by Huntington,S. Political Science Quarterly. 1984. 

Scholars believed that decolonization and economic development would lead to the multiplication of democratic regimes and that the future of democracy would lead to the future of freedom. Democracies have abused individual rights and liberties and have provided little security for the citizens of that state.

The future of democracy in the United States will affect the democracy state in other countries this is because countries form part of a global community which means that countries are interlinked and what affects them could possibly affect other countries as well. The decline in democracy has great implications on the economic growth, socioeconomic equality, political stability, social justice and national independence. But in order for democracy to work and to be effective, there needs to be both contestation and participation.

Democracy has led to the increase of free states as well as allowing for mixed democracy to take place. Environmental effects may also affect the growth of a democracy. The set factors that influence democratic development are economic, social, external and cultural factors.

There is a positive relationship between economic development and political competitiveness. A greater economy will improve the democracy of that sate. This in essence means that democracy is dependent on wealth to succeed. A wealthy economy leads to high literacy levels, improvement in education as well as mass media exposure. But democracy is only effective if the majority of the people are satisfied with it therefore there needs to be an equal distribution of land in society, especially agrarian societies.