Don’t tell me who I am, Black man

By Eusebius McKaiser

This article is interesting as it was written in 2015 yet is still relevant today. I think that’s what good writing is, pieces that are time timeless.

There have been numerous debates about Coloured people recently, whether the term “Coloured” is appropriate, whether Coloured people can identify as being Black and why some Coloureds refuse to be labelled as anything but Coloured.

McKaiser addresses this by saying that during Apartheid, everybody that was not White, would automatically be classified as Black. This is why he identifies as politically Black and culturally Coloured. This is a sentiment I can share. But this is no way means that the struggle of Black and Coloured people are the same but the struggle exists for both races.

This was an interesting read as it was not too academic and was something I could relate to.