The Philosopher’s Cookbook

 The Philosopher’s Cookbook by Marthinus Versveld. Old Castle Books. 2007. 

I particularly enjoy this book hence I have read it thrice. The reason for this is that each time I open it, I discover a new meaning it, all the time. It’s one of those books that are there for all the seasons in your life.

It allowed me to understand that every ‘meal’ I have is not meant for me, that recipes can be changed and that nothing is stagnant. I also learnt that the simpler things are , the better it is for me. Versveld uses making soup as an example of the different ingredients we put into our lives, hoping that the outcome will be something we can enjoy. I am not a fan of soup but this book allowed me interpret soup as the nutrients I use in my daily life.

This book has taught me that precision doesn’t always matter and that sometimes one has to ‘feel’ situations out before assuming what the outcome will be. This is in a chapter where Versveld believes it is not completely necessary to follow recipes but also that one’s life does not always head in the direction one wants it to but that it is important to adjust to life’s situations.

This is a  book that I will probably read every year because the more I mature, the more parts of the book makes sense to me. But the more I read other material, the more I can relate to this book and gain deeper understanding of it.