50 Flippen Brilliant South Africans

 50 Flippen Brilliant South African’s by Alexander Parker and Tim Richman. Tim Richman.2012

This is a well-written book as it gives enough oversight of why the 50 South African’s were selected for the book and why some people in the book aren’t even South African but why they have been included nevertheless.

I am fond of the fact that this book followed the release of 50 People who stuffed up South Africa. This is an important narrative as we are always focused on the negative issues such as corruption, racism and classism. This book sheds light on a history that we can be proud of but even more on the people’s names who have been engraved in our history but who are rarely recognised.

This book pays tribute to the people in it and rightfully so. It is interesting that the author states that if any reader feels particularly passionate about someone who has been excluded form the book, that he is willing to take note of that grievance(s). This is important for writers and authors; to accept constructive criticism. We do not exist in a vacuum.