“What’s happening inside the ANC, not parliament, is key to why Zuma prevails”

What’s happening inside the ANC, not parliament, is key to why Zuma prevails by Steven Friedman on The Conversation. Downloaded from http://theconversation.com/whats-happening-inside-the-anc-not-parliament-is-key-to-why-zuma-prevails-82399

I found this article interesting, not only because I am interested in politics but also because of the analysis that has been provided by Friedman.

Friedman correctly states that the reason why the motion of no confidence in Jacob Zuma failed, was not as a result of an issue within parliament but rather an issue within the ANC. MP’s from the ANC are highly unlikely to vote against Zuma because they directly benefit from him being in power. Another point of contetnion Friedman raises is that irrespective of whether Zuma is removed as President, the decision of who the new president will be , rests in the hands of the ANC MP’s. That is how the political system in our country works.

Maybe that is the conversation we need to be having; how can we change the political system in our country? As opposed to consistently focusing on our issues with Jacob Zuma.