The Racist’s guide to the people of South Africa

 The racist’s guide to the people of South Africa by  Simon Klipatrick . Two Dogs. 2011.

This was an interesting read when I was in High school because at the time I was only discovering who I was and what I wanted my political voice and stance to be.

Upon reading it the second time while being at university, I realised, as the title suggests, it is in fact the racist’s guide to South Africa. The book is filled with stereotypes that are associated with different races from clothing , accents, qualifications and health.  It is overtly racist and stereotypical but I find it to be a necessary read. I find it necessary because this is how some South Africans and people outside South Africa think about races.

Once something, an idea, a belief, has been put to paper, in this case, even printed, it points out the absurdity that society believes. In addition to this, it also indicates how these stereotypical views are perpetuated through people’s actions and words.

In the political climate that we are in, I would advise people to read this book.