In The Pink

In The Pink. The Raving Beauties choose poems from the show… and more. The Women’s Press. United Kingdom. 1992.


The poets write about the beauty of birth and how giving birth has made them feel alive. They spoke about how painful giving birth was but how holding their babies in their arms was worth it. They spoke about the purity of their babies and how they wished they could preserve it. They spoke about the nutrients and importance of breast milk. They spoke about how much they love their babies and how their babies were their constant company.


The poets mentioned how being mothers forced them to be more protective. Motherhood forced them to be caregivers. They spoke about having stillborn babies and how they would much rather pass away than have their babies pass away because losing a child is one of the most painful experiences to encounter. There is little that can be compared to the relationship between a mother and a daughter.


Daughters spoke about how they would do anything for their fathers.


The poems talk about the vulnerability of love and how it is okay to be vulnerable in love.


Various poems spoke about being sexually experienced and embracing it. The poems spoke about not taking advantage of people but also of not forming attachments during sex because sometimes people only want casual sex.


Rape is an act that leaves the victims with internal wounds, it is a disrespectful act. Rape always leaves the victim having to answer questions like what they were wearing, if they were intoxicated, if they led the person on. The stranger danger myth is no longer valid because most victim’s rapists are people they know and trust. People live in a constant fear of being raped. Women struggle daily and have to deal with being raped and being silenced after being raped as well.


It is inevitable that we will age and all we can do is embrace it.


It is important for men to understand that they will ever be like women.


All women are political even when they don’t realize it. Women gain strength from each other.


Suicide is not something that is easy to do , it is sociological and is one of the bravest acts any person can perform.


Why do you write they ask, why do you breathe, I ask?- Alta

All the minutes they lost loving houses better than themselves.- Erica Jong