The evolution, revolution, evolving revolution of art

My journey through poetry

My journey in a poem

In a compilation of poets who unknowingly helped me write this poem

We were taught that death should not be proud

That we should consider the road not taken that was less traveled on

The thought of comparing thee to a summer’s day crossed our minds as well

We questioned to be or not to be engulfed in poetry we did not fully understand or grasp

But found that we were able to grasp the notion of still rising despite what life has thrown at us

We realized that despite what society wanted us to believe, we were not caged birds

That we were and are and have always been phenomenal

We realized this before somebody almost walked away with all of our stuff

We saved ourselves from an additional ‘sorry’ an apology we no longer needed because there were already so many knocking on our front door

“Our love is too beautiful to have thrown back in our face

Our love is too sanctified to have thrown back in our face

Our love is too complicated to have thrown back in our face.”

“But Ain’t I a woman?”

“We call on memories buried inside skeletons of the first people

Who nursed and nested in the cradle and spread civilizations across the planet like seeds.”

“But Ain’t I a woman?”

“Our talk oozes proverbs

Are we not tired of dancing for you?

Gyrating and singing on cue

But we are wearing crowns of change.”

And I will not photo shop the truth

Because the only people who we have ever needed to wait for was ourselves

Because the world has constantly judged its book by the colour of its author

We know now that we already have everything we need within us despite the world attempting to convince us otherwise

We recognize the resilience of the women around us

“The woman’s body has the ability to let go of that which it no longer needs

It has the ability to give life

And in all that you do, please live for yourself, live for the God in you, live for me.”

It is in you that I have found life

It is in poetry that I have found life

It is in the evolution of poetry through William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Ntozake Shange, Sojourner Truth, Lebogang Mashile, Koleka Putuma, Janette ikz, Rupi Kaur and Ogone Mokobe

That I have found poetry

This is the evolution of art

This is the revolution of poetry


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