A-Z Essay on how to survive university

A- Accept that things around you are changing , that you are changing and that everyone around you is accepting it as well. This is probably one of the hardest things you will have to do as acceptance means accepting your flaws and mistakes as well.

B- Be! Just be whoever you want to be! Revel in the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen next. Be yourself unapologetically. Be the person that they have always tried to silence, never allow them to take your voice from you.

C- Conquer not only your fears but your dreams and aspirations as well. University is filled with ample resources, with opportunities and with people who are willing to assist you in reaching your full potential. Be open to their guidance and criticism.

D- Dominate any space that you’re in but also understand that certain spaces require subtle domination. Understand that certain spaces don’t want you to dominate them but do it anyway!

E- Endure. You need to understand that university is the space where you will endure even more of life’s hardships, it will be the place where your endurance level will be tested constantly.

F- Fight! Fight with everything that is in you and once they have taken all you have (which they probably will) , fight to get pieces of yourself back. Do not romanticize fighting, it isn’t easy but it will build you up.

G- Gate. Have a gate, not a wall, around you. Allow people to walk into your yard, to stroll up the pathway and to ring your door bell. But only you can decide if they need to wipe their shoes on the welcome mat or if they need to revisit their footpath sooner than expected.

H- Hold on. At times, this will be the toughest thing for you to do. But it is in those times where the only thing you’ll have to hold onto is your name and your sanity; never let them take those two things away from you.

I- Investigate the fruits of your labor. Investigate whether or not it has come to fruition. Investigate whether or not you are on the path you always wanted to be on. This is the place that allows you to change your paths, more than they’d like to admit.

J- Judge a book by its cover. This might be an unpopular opinion but sometimes it is all you have to go by. Sometimes your gut feeling is so powerful that you can’t push it aside. Follow what you believe.

K- Keep it moving. This has been my mantra for the year. Whenever something or someone throws you off your course, keep it moving. Remember that the world will never stop for anyone, life continues, so why not continue with it?

L- Love yourself fully. Love yourself unconditionally. Love yourself beyond measure. Love yourself without caution. Love yourself as a whole and not as fractions. Love who you are, love who you are becoming, love who you are yet to become.

M- Manage your time, your energy and your emotions wisely. Manage what you are willing to accept. Manage who you are willing to accept. Manage the quality of your life and what it has to offer you.

N- Nourish every part of your being, mind and soul. Nourish those dark crevices that only a few a honored enough to witness. Nourish the parts of you that only you are aware of when you are alone. Nourish yourself before you ever try to nourish those around you.

O- Overpower any force that wants to break you down. You are strong and powerful and the world cannot break you down because you are the world. Do not allow them to break what has built them.

P- Protest. This will certainly show you who your true friends are but it will also allow you to discover your abilities and your limits. It will break you. It will traumatize you. It will leave scars. But we protest because we already have scars and we can only hope our children will never have the same scars.

Q- Question people constantly. Question people’s intentions in your life but also understand that some people are only in your life for seasons and that is okay. But question whether their presence adds to your life or not.

R- Regain everything people have taken away from you over the years. This sounds much easier than it really is. Regain the happiness that was stolen from you, the love that you were deprived of , the acceptance that you never received, in yourself. You are your own fountain of happiness, love and acceptance- quench your thirst.

S- Self. Focus on the self. Work on who you are and understand that you are always in progress and never fully complete. Work on self-acceptance and self-love before you carelessly give those emotions to people who only view you as a footnote in their lives when they were your headline.

T- Think about everything. Note that I did not say overthink. Give yourself time to think, to process, to grasp and to understand. Give yourself time to discover who you are and where you are headed.

U- Unveil yourself to yourself. Remove all those walls that you have placed around you…that the world has forced you to place around you. Remove all the layers of yourself, to yourself.

V- Vet anybody that wants to enter your life. Your life is a sanctuary, don’t let anyone leave their footprints on a ground that is bound to shake their entire existence. Vetting is a process so this may take your whole degree to figure out.

W- Weary. This is something you will feel often and sometimes you just need to allow yourself to have a personal day. Sometimes all you can do is be weary and that is okay. Just don’t allow yourself to drown in it. You are the ocean, not it (See what I did there? Grey’s Anatomy fans will know.)

X- Xeroderma. Research this word, university requires a lot of self-teaching. Start now. I battled to find a word that starts with ‘x’ and stumbled upon this word. I chose it randomly but it has meaning in its own context. Always try to find that deeper meaning.

Y- Yes! Say yes to yourself more often. Yes, you are intelligent. Yes, you are capable. Yes, you are beautifully crafted. Yes, you are beyond their wildest-imaginations. Never seek the validation of people who are too weak to carry your name in their mouths.

Z- Zeal. You are your own source of zeal. You are the world’s source of zeal, they just don’t know it yet. But while they are still trying to find you, ensure that you will survive in this system that was not created for you but that will be dominated by you.


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