Mixed Race…?

Mixed race people are not allowed to tick two racial categories on forms and this could be seen as a form of discrimination.

I saw Chenae Roberts’ Facebook post about how she was uncomfortable ticking a racial box for her daughter. Her daughter is mixed White and Coloured but has a family blood line of Indian, Japanese and Philippine blood in her. Roberts did not feel comfortable instilling racial values in her child and believes race is a social construction. The same racial categories that were used during Apartheid are still being used in the democratic South Africa. The fact that the classification of mixed race children is a problem all over the world is something that needs to be investigated.  Race is still a sensitive topic, even in our democracy. Mixed race people are often erased from political dialogues in our country.  It also becomes somewhat of a personal issue as under the Apartheid regime, I as a Coloured person, would also be considered as mixed race because I am not a ‘pure’ race. But what exactly is a ‘pure’ race?

It is unjust that mixed race people are not allowed to tick both of their races on forms that require racial specification.

The idea of race and racial classification is complex.  Racial classification is a global issue.  Racial classification is an epidemic.

But racial classification in itself is a flawed system. It is flawed because race is flawed and this is because of where races stem from; colonisation. My lecturer said that, “People become races.” And this is true, we become the races we have been ascribed to , but who are we really?








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