To My Scars

My body is a site

My body is a site

My body is a S-I-T-E

My body is a sight

My body is a sight

My body is a S-I-G-H-T

My body has been stretched into different places

Leaving marks wherever I went

I have contour maps

Mapped on my thighs and hips

I have burn marks on my left hip

From having been burnt with 6 litres of acid in a swimming pool

Yet this mark, this scar, is a reminder of my survival

Of my need to survive

I have white marks on my back in the shape of wings

White spots that have miraculously clustered together into this shape

This promise

This eternal comfort

That I am surrounded by a presence more powerful than myself

My scars are maps of my existence

They tell stories that would put words to shame

I bow down to my scars that have been the cause of my growth, of my acceptance, of my love for my temple

My scars have made my body their Home

And I have welcomed them.

*This poem was written for an exhibition of a campaign that I am one of the faces of called Scar Tissue. This campaign aims at debunking and normalizing scars on our bodies and embracing those scars in totality.

*The feature image was taken by one of the Campaign Managers, Jenna Sutcliffe.


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