Two words, Eight Letters

Two words

Eight letters

Don’t escape my mouth often enough

But now I will give you more words and more letters

And it still won’t be enough

To pay tribute

To show my gratitude

Two words

Eight letters

And it still isn’t enough

But it feels like it is all I have to give to you

And it still isn’t enough

But because of who you are

I know you will tell me that it is enough

That I am enough

But today, I want to relay those words to you

You are not just enough

You are more than enough

You are one of God’s finest creations

You are His masterpiece

You are the embodiment of Lydia

You are the personification of Sarah’s faith

You are a reflection of Rebecca’s hope

You are a projection of Priscilla’s wisdom

You are a splitting image of Mary

You are a manifestation of Esther’s courage

You are the epitome of Elizabeth’s respect

You are the expression of Ruth’s warmth

Two words

Eight letters

And it still isn’t enough

You are a prayer

You are my prayer

A repetition of my gratitude

My daily bread

My devotion

And it still isn’t enough

You are a Proverb’s 31 woman

Your worth is far more than rubies

We have confidence in you

You add value in everyone’s lives

You bring good and not harm, all the days of your life

You work eagerly and tirelessly

You provide for your family

You are strong

You help those in need

You clothe your family’s

You are clothed with dignity and strength

And your laughter speaks a language all can understand

Wisdom escapes your mouth

Yet your tongue is sharp

You are a blessing, you are blessed, and we are blessed to have you

Two words

Eight letters

And that still isn’t enough

I can grace you with all the words in the English language

I can clothe you with an array of compliments

I can cover you with my flowery writing

But none of my words matter

Two words

Eight Letters

And it still isn’t enough

If I can’t show you that I love you

If my words are fruitless

If my actions and words don’t coincide

If I don’t respect you

If I don’t believe that everything you have done has been for my benefit

None of it is enough if people can’t see a reflection of you in me.

Two words

Eight letters

Thank you!

I am your child

And it is my honour waking up

Every day

Knowing that I have the privilege of saying that

It is my honour to be your daughter

It is a privilege knowing that we share the same DNA

That our genetics are linked

It is an honour to know that we have the same blood running through our veins

It is an honour that I can stand here and say, proudly say

That you are my mother.

Here’s to strong women

May we know them

May we be them

May we raise them.

*Image taken by Charissa Cassels



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