Fighting Spirit

How do I pay tribute?

How do I pay homage to someone who is exactly my age?

How do I do justice to this?

To a life lost too early

To a life lost unexpectedly

And maybe my answer does not only lie within this poem

Maybe my answer is ensuring that his dream materializes

Maybe that is our answer

I only recently got to know Alfredo well

And he told me his life story with a sense of caution

He was very particular about what he wanted me to know

What he wanted the world to know about him

But even in the little snippets of his life that he showed me

I got to understand him better

I noticed that he would be persistent in ensuring that his book was published

I admire his consistency

And his willingness to fight for his dream

I admire that he knows his limits but does not let that limit him

I admire that he is proud but not too proud to ask for help

I admire his ability to not let people’s words affect him

I recall him telling me that he wanted to become closer to his cousins

But that he did not know how to

And with family, it’s simple

You don’t have to do much; you know they’re always there

And perhaps that was all he needs

To know that we are here for him

To understand that he is surrounded by God-fearing people

Maybe he just needs that reassurance

That certainty

That he is loved and cared for

That his past does not define him

That he is more than what he ever imagined he could be

Maybe he needs to know that he has a fighting spirit and that we see it in him

Maybe he needs to know that this poem is written in the present tense

Because even though he might not be with us physcially

We will continue to carry him in our hearts daily

We find comfort in Philippians 3:20-21

Where we are told

“But our citizenship is in heaven

And we eagerly await a Savior from there

The Lord Jesus Christ

Who by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control

Will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious  body”

We find comfort in the fact that Alfredo’s body has been transformed

We find comfort in the hope that his spirit is at peace

We find comfort because in God’s will we believe

We find comfort




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