Your undeniable force

My first thought when writing this poem was to write about how opposites attract

I thought of magnetism

And the force behind it

This force being that of attraction or repulsion

I found it heart-warming that this poem would focus on attraction

That it would be about this magnetic field called love

That it would be about two forces of attraction , in their own right, Laykin and Mark, having this undeniable attraction towards each other

That the electrical charge between them would just get stronger

I read that the motion of electrically charged particles gives rise to magnetism

And hoped this motion would be the emotion of happiness

I read further that the force acting on an electrically charged particle in a magnetic field depends on the magnitude of the charge

And I hoped this charge would be faith

It depends on the velocity of the particle

And I hoped this velocity would be consistency

It depends on the strength of the magnetic field

And I hoped this strength would be forgiveness

It is said that all materials experience magnetism, some stronger than others

And our ability to bear witness to today’s magnetism indicates the magnitude of your magnetic field

The strongest form of magnetism is known as ferromagnetism

This is the only form strong enough to be felt by humans

But what a wonder it is that we can not only feel it today

That we can form part of it

After writing this, I realised that I do not know quite enough about magnets

That I was uncertain about my knowledge of it

I knew I was unaware of the full science behind it

Unaware of its technicalities

Of its intricacies

I started doubting myself

And I thought that maybe that is what marriage is

Basking in uncertainty

Reveling in the unknown

Making it your own

I thought that marriage is constant work

Having to research the complexities of your partner

Trying to understand them beyond their confines that have been set up for you

Maybe, just maybe, marriage is not what you expected

But that does not have to be a bad thing

Because you see

It is in the process of discovering and re-discovering not only yourself but your partner as well where your growth lies

It is in these teaching moments , these lessons that fully grasp your essence

It is understanding your force of attraction

It is in grasping your motions

It is in taking pleasure in your charges

It is in indulging in your velocity

It is in embracing your strength

That you will find each other eternally

For eternity

It is in that

Where your marriage lies

Your undeniable , magnetism

*Feature image taken by Stephanie Norman of Laykin and Mark Farnham on their wedding day.



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