The re-reductionist appraoch

He is equipped with sharp silver not because he is inherently violent but because he is inherently over protective of the spaces he occupies.

His fingernails will tell you stories two hands should have never witnessed.

His teeth mark the classist standards he has decided to conform to.

Hy het seep gaan koop because he knew he wasn’t building his family up.

Currently, the currency he has, he keeps close to his ears
He flattens down his politics, attempting to gel in with the crowd

Brown bottles and ash have formed part of his identity
Not realizing that has been born into a cyclical nature of poverty

Sy hande, pikswart
Because you have deemed him unfit to fit in
So he continues to fertilize his soil

He lowers his standards attempting to cruise at a pace you have deemed fit for him

But what you don’t know is this
Hy is ‘n man van staal
He has endured and survived in a space that continuously tells him he doesn’t deserve to be here and that he is not worthy

But hear me clearly, Jy is ‘n Kleurling, man!

Image sourced : Wikipedia commons


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