Know the intricate intricacies intricately

When Chenille asked me to write and recite this poem

She told me to write about Love

And in that moment, I thought it was pretty obvious

But it isn’t, it has never been

Because marriage is not just about love

Marriage encompasses many intricacies that people tend to forget

Marriage consists of an immeasurable amount of joy

It is covered with peace

It requires more patience than most would like to admit

It consists of a rare kindness

Marriage requires an eternal faithfulness

It needs the most subtle gentleness

And most forget that marriage needs self-control

Galatians 5:22-23, marriage is the fruits of the spirit

Marriage is constant work, just as Jacob worked in order for him to be able to marry Rachel

Marriage is commitment, for “What God has put together, let not man put asunder.”

But marriage isn’t always easy; I doubt it’s meant to be

It builds character

It teaches you the importance of biting your tongue

It allows you to be moulded in ways you can’t even begin to imagine

It doesn’t require but begs for forgiveness

It expects you to forgive just as you are forgiven daily

Marriage can sweep you off your feet

And it can keep you grounded

It is vulnerability

It is trust

Marriage is Monday morning blues

It can be the reason behind your smile

And even the reason behind your frown

But marriage demands persistence, consistency and certainty

It shouldn’t waver when it has been built on the right foundation

It is about giving of yourself selflessly

It is about praying for your partner more than you pray for yourself

It is about looking at your partner and seeing them embody their own prayer

Why else would you give thanks each time you see them?

Why else would you feel blessed to be in their presence?

Why else would God be at the centre of your marriage?

Why else would you let His will be done?

But the beauty is, that no marriage is like the other

That you have the ability and power to make it your own

That nobody will ever fully be able to grasp the love that you have

And nobody should

Because it was never theirs to understand

Today, you will take each other’s hands

And you’ll embark on this journey of yours

It will be unpredictable

But who said unpredictable has to have a negative connotation to it?

Marriage is everything and so much more

It is Love capitalised

Find the intricacies in your marriage

Find those fruits of the spirit

Find that prayer in each other

You have an eternity to do so.

Feature Image taken by Idolan  of Donique Malgas and Chenille Malgas on their wedding day in Hout Bay, Cape Town


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