Affirmative Action

This was one of the first collaborative poems I wrote with Azola Freddy Nyaka and Marco Cassels.


It’s my imperfections that inspire me.

Though my introspection molded me.

For if we are honest with ourselves,we know we face a lot of struggles whether large or small,pers0onal or political.

To overcome fear and doubt, I’m fearfully and perfectly made.

The meek shall inherit the earth,turn to Psalm 27 to get back to the point.

There are so many false prophets but no true Messiah’s.

I’m not too concerned with allegory, ’cause the blind lead the blind.

I’m an idealist that follows a communist party that is heading for totalitarianism.

We need more intelligent leaders and less intelligent fools.


So allow me to ponder on society.

Our society that tells us what to do in order to form part of a deity.

Let us all snap back to reality.

Because since the beginning of humanity,the leader of us all has been society.

Society has told us that we go through a phase where we drink and smoke.

Where our friends,we provoke.

Where we choke on the amount of arrogance,hatred and jealousy we have fed ourselves.

Now we have no control over the destruction that it may cause.

Because society has justified it.


Stop with the scapegoats using society as a crutch.

Step back,remove the crutch and get ready to fall.

‘Cause getting up is where your strength lies.

So don’t be afraid to break free from society.


Our Solution is that we are pledging allegiance to the fair and balance truth.

Not the biased truth.

Not the liar’s truth. But the highest truth.

We will not be deceived nor will we believe in propaganda.

Because the blanket that has been pulled over our eyes,finally has holes in it.


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