Something cold is coming in; Our Souls

Claudia Rankine writes about the Black body

The Body that has been dripped in melanin

That is dripping sweat from having to assimilate to Whiteness

To a standard It has been birthed into

It is expected to conform to

The Black body carries an immeasurable amount of courage and strength

The Black body Blossoms but not in the way It is expected to

I have been told that Writers decided to use only lower case letters while writing

As this makes it easier for the reader to read

But I want This poem to make you uncomfortable

It is not meant to be an easy read

Because the life of a Black person has not been an easy life

Writing this, my nails piercing into my palms

My lead making the darkest marks on this White Background on my page

Because Black bodies have been Pierced

But Black bodies have always made their mark

The Black body has been mocked

Only because people do not know how to truly treasure what



I hope this has made you as uncomfortable as the Black body is daily.



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