I am taking myself back

I have taken back the corners of my smile

My imperfect and crooked teeth

I am taking back my hair that hasn’t grown for years


My dry scalp and split ends

My big forehead


My dry and oily skin

And the small rash on my left cheek


My flat nose


I am taking back my flat and narrow eyes

The bags under them


The colour of my skin

I am taking back my small breasts

The slipped disc in my spine

The scars on my back


The acid burn on my hip

My flabby stomach

The contour lines and maps in the forms of my stretch marks

All of my cellulite

I am taking back my thick thighs that rub against each other

My stump legslegs[1]

My dislocated knee


My big calves

My small and fat feet

My cracked heels


I am taking back all the imperfections you were too weak to carry

This is to everyone who has ever spat their words out at me before tasting them first

I have taken myself back

From eyes blind to my beauty

From ears that bled from my chiseled words

From noses that could not grasp the depth of my scent

From mouths that could not carry my identity

From shoulders too narrow to carry my weight

From arms unable to lift my spirits

From fingers broken and unable to mould me

From stomachs that couldn’t stomach my greatness

From legs unable to keep me grounded

From feet never willing to walk in my shoes

 I have taken myself back

Feature image taken by Farrel de La Rosa

Images taken by Bantse Padi


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