Colour Me Kleurling

Colour me Coloured

Colour me Kleurling

Colour me these words because it is who I am

It forms part of my identity

But make sure that when you colour me in

That you do so within the lines and boundaries I have set for myself

For my Spirit is strong

My Faith can move mountains

My resilience is unheard of

My power is frowned upon

And my presence is always felt

My presence is felt in spaces that do not even recognize me

Because I constantly have to fight to be seen, to be considered, to be heard, to be recognized

I have to fight to occupy the spaces that I am in

But proudly , I carry my Coloured skin

I carry the weight that has been placed on my shoulders with so much elegance

Because I am certain that this is who I am

That I do belong

And most importantly that I don’t need anybody’s confirmation and validation that this skin is Home to me

I have accepted that I constantly have to adapt and adjust to my surroundings

We know what natural selection encompasses

So yes, I have been a fighter since birth

Claiming my place here on this Earth

So Colour me Coloured

Colour Me Kluerling

But make sure that when you say the word Coloured

That your mouth gives it all the respect that it deserves

That your mind is conscious enough to understand  our history as Coloured people and what we have fought for

And what we continue to fight for, daily

Make sure that when you write the word Coloured

That you capitalize it because it is our identity, it forms part of every fibre of our beings

People have constantly tried to remove this identity from us

Attempting to force us to claim other identities

Identities that aren’t our own

They have tried telling us that our identities don’t matter

That we don’t have a culture

That we don’t have a place in society

They have tried to tell us who and what we are without giving us the chance to do so ourselves

Already, we are fighting for a place in society

We are fighting for the continuation of our existence throughout history

We want our stories to be inscribed in History books

We want our stories to be retold for generations to come

We don’t just want stories about our struggles to be narrated

We want stories about our victories, our determination, our ability to stand our ground, to fight for what we believe in

We are tired of being portrayed as people that walk around with rollers in their hair

We are tired of only be associated with tik and gangsterism

We are tired of being diminished to people with gaps in our mouths

Because when the media chooses to interview Coloured people, that is generally the standard they aim for

That is what we have been diminished to and we are tired of it.

Where are our stories of success?

Stories of praise ?

Of admiration?

Of paying homage to all the people who have fought for us?

Where is that narrative?

We constantly have to reclaim our identities

So I will say it again

Colour Me Coloured

Colour me Kleurling

Feature image taken by Farrel de La Rosa

First posted by Coloured Mentality



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