Our Town- King William’s Town

Through my lens I see a town rich with history

History that is as solid as the buildings we aren’t allowed to alter

History that is encompassed in our museum that pays tribute to Huberta

History that is seen in the erection of Queen Victoria’s statue

History that is evident in the German stone that was laid here by German settlers

History that has encouraged us to honour the memory of a man who said ‘The greatest weapon in the hand of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed’ Thank you Steve Biko

I see us trying to move forward by using these symbols of history as a leg to stand on

Yes, we were also crippled, colonised… but slowly we are learning to stand on our own two feet

School’s names have been changed so as to indicate that we do not worship our British colonisers.

We are our own people and we will move forward.

Yes, we have dusty clouds in some of our streets

And some livestock tend to roam about

Our taxi ranks look like sardines squashed in a tin

Yes we have people begging for money and food at our robots

Yes, we as pedestrians have to walk in the road because our vendors are so entrepreneurial that they tend to take up the sidewalk

That our municipality loves to see grass grow to a certain height before they decide it’s long enough to cut

But this in no way indicates that we are technologically, economically or psychologically backwards

People might think that building a shopping centre is an advancement

Or the fact that we have McDonald’s

Or maybe even that a range of fast food shops opened

The advancement is seen in working places where race quotas are taken into consideration

In schools where pupils sit side by side irrespective of the colour of their skin

Where everybody is afforded opportunities one way or the other

Where a fuss is no longer made if head and deputy head girls or boys are Black

Because our race no longer determines our success or not

Our race is merely a box we have to tick when filling in forms

Our history, our advancements, our race all encompass our town.


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