Franco,swimming against the stream

*A Poem I wrote for Franco’s (cousin) 21st, seems like it was ages ago. I love you cousin!


In the words of Stevie Wonder although it’s a bit late, I’ll say happy birthday to you

And Kool and the Gang got it right when they said we’d celebrate good times

I’m sure you feel like Etta James’ At Last would be fitting right now

But we feel like Eric Clapton as we believe you look wonderful tonight

But know that just like Heatwave, our love for you is something that will always and forever be constant.

Because just like Al green, you bring so much love and happiness to our lives

But enough of the musical references

What I really want to say is thank you

I want to thank God for making you the way you are

And I’m sure after He created you He had to sit back and marvel at his work

For you are a man of God

And you need not proclaim your faith on the mountain tops for people to know that you’re a Christian

But rather let them see your Christianity through your actions

Thank you for allowing God to work through you

And for letting Him mould you into the man that you’re destined to be

Thank you for being a living testament that chivalry isn’t dead

For showing people that there’s nothing wrong with putting your family first

For being someone who we can depend on

For the respect that you have towards people of all ages

For the mere facts that your eyes can see beyond our exterior

That our sound waves always seem to hit your tympanic membrane and to send vibrations through the various parts in your ear drum in order for your brain to register what we are saying

That your words are able to comfort and console us even if you only say “uh huh” at times

That your hands are able to fix things that not even manuals had the answers to

For not giving up on all of us, for always being there

See, my wish for you is that you will overcome any obstacle because with God on your side, no weapon formed against you shall prosper

That any form of negativity standing in your way will be paralysed

That temptation will be numbed

And that any false influences will be amputated from your life

I need you to continue being the person that you’ve been

To swim against the stream

I need you to remain my loving cousin

I love you


Feature image taken by Ann von der Decken on Franco de la Rosa’s 21st Birthday.


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