Women of Today

TW: Sexual abuse and domestic violence


Women take back your pride, your virtue, your self-respect, your dignity

Women take yourself back


Take yourself back from the person who has hurt  you

Take yourself back from the uncle that has sexually abused you

Take yourself back from the man who physically abused you and left you stranded, empty-handed

Stare at your hands and take each and every scar as a lesson

Take yourself back


Remain true to yourself

Let them see you for who and what you are

Take back your strength from the man who broke and degraded you

Are you ready?

To take yourself back?

The more you lie to yourself, the more you believe it’s the truth

Don’t choke on deception

Get a heart attack from regretting

And a stroke from inception

Take back every strand of your being

Take it back for the people who fought for it, for those of us that want it and for those of us who need it

Take it back so that future generations will stop thinking that women should be barefoot, in the kitchen with a baby on her back

Take it back for the woman who has blisters on her feet

Who was thrown at with her meal

And who had a baby on her back while her husband made her kneel down and pick up the meal he had just thrown at her


Take back your worth so other people can recognise it in you

For your worth is far greater than gold

But fellow women, you are blind and the truth you cannot see

For you cannot see the amazing gifts that you have


My dear women

Take yourself back.

Feature image taken by Keanu Grootboom of (left to right) : Sade Scholtz, Lanchia Cox, Laykin Malgas, Charisa Cassels, Farrel de La Rosa, Kaylyn Johaar and Leuven Naidoo


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