Mother, I love you

This time last year I spoke about how I was bone of your bone

And flesh of your flesh

How I was a mirror image of you

That we had the same blood running through our veins

How I hoped that my message would not be in vain

But today, today’s message is a bit different

There will be no “I‘s” in this poem

For Mother, you are the most precious gift we could have received

Out of all the minerals in this world, you are the only one whose worth is so great that nobody could even put a price on it

The reason why you’ve been referred to as a mineral is because the definition of mineral is something that is naturally solid and stable and that is what you are

Having that stability in our lives is what we need

Even though it might not always seem that way

We do need you

When God created you, He had to sit back and admire His work for He outdid Himself

There’s a Jewish proverb that states “A mother understands what a child does not say”

So forgive me for the few words that might be unspoken

But please listen attentively to the words that will be uttered

You are a phenomenal woman who has been created phenomenally

You have bathed in certainty

You have been adorned with Grace

Clothed with beauty

Wrapped in elegance

And Embodied with peace

You are perfectly imperfect

You are our Proverbs 31 woman

Our source of strength

Our glimmer of hope

Our beam of light

You are a living testament of what true sacrifice is

You are the very essence of this earth

You are the oxygen, we need you to breathe

The Sun, we need you to photosynthesise

We revolve around you

We move to the beat of your drum

It is your tone alone that humbles us

Your words that chisel us

But it is your hand that takes care of us

Your prayers that protect us

And your heart that loves us

And now for the only I in the poem

I love you

Feature Image taken by Charissa Cassels of her mother, Nedia Cassels


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