The unheard voices of the workers

*Context- The workers at Rhodes University in Grahamstown were protesting for an increase in their salaries.

We are here in the colony

In a place that has been appropriately named as Rhodes University

This place is held up by our mothers and fathers

Yet they aren’t recognized for their hard work, their sweat and tears

Our mothers and fathers had to explain and display their pain this week

They had to explain why the money they are receiving is not enough

Why they are struggling to survive on a basic minimum wage

Why must our mothers and fathers exercise their poverty?

Why must they be treated as inhumane?

Why must they strive to survive?

Daily, they are fighting

But no more, will they be treated as less than

Because they are more than conquerors

They are the soil of the Earth

They need to know their worth

Our mothers and fathers will be heard

Our mothers and fathers will be heard

And they will be heard now

Feature image taken by Charissa Cassels


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