When you need to find yourself, read this

If ever you need to find yourself

Read my poetry because you seem to be hidden in it

Unintentionally and unconsciously

You are in my daily thoughts, encrypted in my mind, residing in my soul and engraved in my heart

You are hidden within my very being

But you do not complete me nor do I complete you

For we are whole beings who managed to find each other

You are not my everything, nor am I yours

Because we haven’t fallen victim to the notion of that kind of romanticism of what love is

My love for you is like Monday Morning Blues

But it’s also intense

It can’t be watered down

It isn’t shy

My love for you scares me tremendously

Because my love for you is flawed

Yet so certain

It doesn’t waver

It hasn’t decreased

It is true and right and pure and just

And know that this part was written with tears in my eyes

Not because there’s a possibility that you might not feel the same way

But rather that I’m feeling this way about you

For you are happiness and love and passion and comfort

You are home.

I love home

I love being able to be myself

I love you


What bothers me is that I probably will forgive you every time you make a mistake

Is that you’ve already managed to change me for the better

Is that I’m willing to go on adventures with you

Is that I’m willing to be patient for you

Is that despite what the world has said love should be

When I gaze into your eyes

When our fingers interlock

When we hold each other

That is all the love we need

It’s all the love I want

You are Love

Feature Image taken by Charissa Cassels


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