Black Child

“This body is not my own this world is not my home”

Black child you are alone

Black child you are alone

Black child, your most powerful and violent weapon is your skin

Black child, they’ll try to destroy you from within

They’ll tell you to fight for what you’re worth

Then tell your Black fathers and mothers to shove your faces in the dirt

They’ll order your parents to point guns at your backs

To Apartheid they have taken us back

They’ll impose a curfew on you

While escorting to their residences, only a few

They’ll pepper spray you

Throw stun grenades at you

Shoot you

And arrest you

Black child, wait… I lied

Lisolethu Dlova made it clear when she said, “It’s not your Black skin, it’s their inhumanity.”

I repeat, it’s not your Black skin, it’s their inhumanity

That is why our parents are heavily armed

Why they are hiding in bushes

Why they are doing drive-by’s

Why they are criminalizing us

Why they are the very same people who fought in 1976, who are fighting against us now

Black child, I lied

You are not alone

Black child, you are standing in and among your own

Who have been pepper-sprayed with you

Thrown at with stun grenades with you

Arrested with you

Structurally excluded from a system that does not want you to succeed, with you

Been criminalized with you

Black child, we are standing with you

Reaching out our hands towards you

Broadening our shoulders to carry your load

We hear your cries

We see your bruised bodies and souls

We are singing with you

Black child, you are not alone

You are not alone when we ask, “Senzeni na?”

Or when we sing Ayasaba Amagwala

And Azania

And Imbi Lendawo

We are with you when we sing our new national anthem

We are with you

We are with you

We are with you

Say it until you believe it

We are with you

Black Child, you are not alone






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