You are my Poetry

I haven’t written a poem in a long time

And the reason for this is because what I used to write about , is what I have

What we have

My poem for the past few months has been you

Normally people would have found you hidden in my words and pauses and lengthy sentences

They’d know that I was looking for you when I spoke about a love that is real

Photo by Lanchia Cox of Lanchia (left) and Denvor Cox (right)
They knew I was speaking about you when I spoke about men appreciating women

When I spoke about someone who truly cares

They knew that I was speaking about you when I spoke about true happiness

When I mentioned that people make mistakes and are likely to hurt you but that they make up such a huge portion in one’s life

But now they know that you aren’t hidden in my words and pauses and lengthy sentences

Because they can see how I carry you within my spirit daily

Photo by Full Circle of Shermon (left) and Antonio Stride (right)
How your name always escapes my mouth

How I am reminded of you in the tiniest things

How you are the one person that makes me feel most at ease

How I’m most comfortable with you

How I’d prefer to watch dodgy movies with you than with anyone else

Image taken by Lanchia Cox of Dheshan Naidoo (left), Priya Naidoo (their daughter) and Leuven Naidoo (right)

How I cherish the conversations we have

How we can be silly with each other

How you actually like it when I speak

How your voice alone is reassurance to me

How I still get butterflies when I see you

How you’re my Best Friend

Photo by Sphere Photography of Kaylyn(left) and Craig Johaar (right)
How you are my easiest ‘Hello’

And my most difficult ‘Goodbye’


You are my favourite words

My most capturing sight

My deepest breaths

And loudest laughs

Most interesting dances

Most consuming thoughts

You are a living embodiment of my poem

One that I never want to stop writing.

Feature image taken by Charissa Cassels




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