The observations of a Strong Black Woman

Today I stared at a woman

A strong Black woman

One who has just said that when we critically engage with our lives that we will realize that we protest everyday

But she has the strength to wake up daily

To fight a system that does not want her to succeed

She has the strength to put other’s needs before her own

She stands up for what she believes in , irrespective of the consequences

As she knows the greatest consequence is the oppression of her people

She knows she has the ability to change their lives

She will say, “Azania, Izwe lethu, and i-Afrika mayibuye.”

Because she knows that the land is hers

That she will one day have complete ownership of her being

That her ancestors’ prayers will be answered

That the very soil she walks on daily is hers, it has always been hers and will always be hers

That the oppression we are facing will not last forever


Nomps 2
Photo by Lauren Dixon-Paver of Nompilo Magubane at her Leaver’s Dinner

She is strength

She is courage

She is Hope

She is Happiness

She is Love

*Feature image taken by Ndabezinhle Ngubane


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