“I write what I like”

“I write what I like” said Steve Biko

I can’t help but reiterate these words as their meaning is immense

I write because my words carry so much history within them

My words allow for people to hear my story, a story, someone’s story that resonates with them

I write because there’s something un-explainable about putting words to paper

I write poetry because it is my form of escapism

It is the place where I can stay true to myself

Where I feel like my emotions are of value

Like my words won’t be misconstrued

I write because it helps me cope with my insecurities, heart breaks, personal issues

But I also write because it makes me realise how lucky I am

How lucky I am to be able to write about love

Love, not from an outsider’s perspective

Love from my experiences

I can write about politics, and family and relationships and myself

Hell, I can even write about earphones and sand and menu’s

I write what I like

And I like what I write

Call me a writer,a poet, a journalist , whatever you will

But know this, that I refuse to be silent

I refuse to allow stories to be unheard

I refuse to not allow people to understand the emotions in my words

I refuse to allow people to choke on empty words

Words without meaning or great thought

Words that don’t allow people to relate to them

I refuse to fall victim to the notion that words are just words


But I would much rather believe that words  can translate any emotion in any length and in any language

Words can be translated into how people look at you, how they smile when they see your face

Words can also be translated when people shrug their shoulders at you or when they roll their eyes at you

But my words allow you to translate it into your own life, to translate it to the exact emotions that you are feeling in that very moment

I write for those who can’t find the words themselves

I write for those with clenched fists, with tears in their eyes, with lumps in their throats, with sweaty palms

I write for those who can write for themselves

With pens and notebooks in theirs hands, with thoughts running through their minds, I write for those who might need inspiration,I write for those who inspire me

I write to survive

To be able to breathe in the space that I’m in

I write because I have been given this talent to express myself in words

I write what I like

Images taken by Charissa Cassels



One thought on ““I write what I like”

  1. Hi Chay, two strong posts already! I look forward to working alongside you as you grow this blog — you have important things to say. We will work on proofreading but do be aware that even minor cosmetic flaws can mar the strongest work (there are a few slips of spacing and punctuation here). Are you familiar with the work of Ronelda Kamfer and Nathan Trantaal? When I read both your posts, and especially the two in relation to each other, both these poets came to mind.


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